Questions About International Cannabis / Paraphernalia Trade?


Marijuana Consultants International is a team of experts uniquely qualified to help cannabis entrepreneurs and investors prepare for successful participation in the cannabis global marketplace.

We do more than “talk the talk”. We have years of experience working as State government licensed owners and operators of recreational and medical marijuana businesses in the USA.

Within the strict guidelines and complicated regulatory frameworks established by government agencies, we have planted, nurtured, trimmed, tested, processed, packaged, marketed, and/or sold at retail a full range of dozens of strains of the world’s finest quality CBD and THC medical and recreational cannabis products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals.

Prior to joining the legally regulated and licensed cannabis industry, we earned advanced university degrees and were accomplished professionals in our respective fields, with extensive worldwide experiences.

We know the future of international cannabis trade is unfolding now. More nations are legalizing cannabis consumption, resulting in thousands of lucrative international business opportunities for small and large enterprises. Currently, THC recreational marijuana products are consumed legally by millions of customers around the globe. Some CBD medicinal products, and many paraphernalia items, are sold across international borders. On the very near horizon is the day when THC recreational products enter the global stream of commerce like other heavily regulated and highly taxed products.

If you are preparing your cannabis or paraphernalia business to step toward and into this future, we can help you anticipate and weigh the risks of conducting cannabis-related businesses beyond your nation’s borders.

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